What Are Your Pregnancy Options?



Though this can be a difficult option for the unexpected pregnancy, it can also be very rewarding. There are many resources in the community to assist women and families in undertaking this path. We know that parenting is not an easy job, so we offer “Partnering Programs” for women and men to help them learn more about parenting.


This can also be a difficult choice, but for women and men who are not prepared to parent, it can be the best choice for them and the child. Adoption is a way for a mother to give her child more than she is ready to offer by placing her child in a loving family. There are various types of adoptions: our staff can discuss the different adoption plans with you based on how involved in your child’s life you want to be. First Option Care also refers for adoption counseling for women and families to help prepare them for the emotions that can follow and adoption and continue counseling support post-partum.


This option is also difficult for women and others involved in the pregnancy. It may seem like the quickest option, but there are serious physical and psychological risks that must be considered. These differ depending on the type of procedure and the stage of the pregnancy. The risks can range from inconvenient to very serious. It is important that a woman understands the risks involved before she chooses this permanent action.

Although the choice is yours, First Option Care wants you to know that you are not alone. We believe that it is in your best interest to have access to relevant information and resources regarding your pregnancy options before you make such an important decision. We trust you will leave our center feeling confident, encouraged and informed about your pregnancy decision.

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