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EWYL Personalized Lesson Plan

Main Curriculum

Pregnancy- The First Trimester
Prenatal Care
Eating For Two
Going It Alone
Your Developing Baby
Ultrasound- Window to the Womb
What\’s Safe, What Isn\’t
Bonding With Your Unborn Baby
Your changing Body
The Second Trimester
Understanding Your Baby\’s Cry Part I
Your Unborn Baby\’s Secret World
Reducing the Risk of SIDS
Understanding Your Baby\’s Cry Part II
The Third Trimester
Getting Ready
Eye Contact Means Love
Infant Temperament
The Importance of Bonding
Infant Massage
The Basics of Newborn Care
Bathing and Sleep
Caring For Yourself
Childhood Immunizations
The Patient/Child Relationship
Safe From the Start – CPR Training
Parenting With Respect
Quality Child Care
Learning Through Play
Pediatric Emergencies
Routine Illness
Car Seat Safety
Your Baby Can Sleep
Domestic Violence
Food For Growth – Feeding Your Baby
Looking At Adoption
Your Baby\’s Development
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Postpartum From Pregnant to Parent
Your Healthy Baby
Ready to Learn
Happiest Baby on the Block
Toilet Training
Goals and Benefits of Breastfeeding
Techniques and a Good Latch
Getting Enough Milk
Growth Spurts and Essentials
Returning to Work
Introduction and Options
Interventions and Labor
Moving Through Labor
What to Expect
Infant Care
Introduction to Developmental Milestones
Newborn Milestones
Three to Six Month Milestones
Six to Nine Month Milestones
Twelve Month Milestones

Special Circumstances

Child Abuse and Neglect
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drugs in Pregnancy
Crystal meth
Unborn Addicts
Miscarriage- Footprints on Our Hearts
Getting Starting
Sorting Our Why
What\’s Important to Me- Digging Deep
Will There Be Pain?
Coming to Terms
My Needs- Coming Up With a Covenant Plan
A New Family
Planning For Birth
How to Say Good-Bye – The Blessing Ceremony
Now What? How to Pick Up the Pieces

Toddler Pack

9 to 12 Months: Big Changes
12 – 15 Months: Growing Up
15 to 18 Months: Ms. Personality
18 – 24 Months: Mr. Independent
1 Year- 24 to 36 Months: Big Kid
Life with Toddler
12-15 Months: Tantrums: Attitude Adjustment
Tantrums: Battle Plan
More Toddler Nutrition
9 – 36 Months: Sign With Your Baby
Whining and Arguing
Love and Logic Strategies
Bedtime, Mornings, and Potty Training
Sleepeasy Solution
The Happiest Toddler

Positive Partnerships

Healthy Boundaries (WOMEN)
Cohabitation (Women)
Making the Marriage Choice (Women)
Staying Married (Women)
Single Parenting (Women)

Bible Pack

What is the Bible?
How Did We Get the Bible?
How Did We Get the Bible?
The Pentateuch
Israel Becomes a Nation
Walking With the Israelites
New Testament
A Journey through John – Chapters 1 & 2
A Journey through John – Chapters 3 & 4
A Journey through John – Chapters 5 & 6
A Journey through John – Chapters 7 & 8
A Journey through John – Chapters 9, 10 & 11
A Journey through John – Chapters 12, 13 & 14
A Journey through John – Chapters 15, 16 & 17
A Journey through John – Chapters 18, 19, 20 & 21
The Gospel of John

Life Skills

It\’ll Never Happen to Me!
The Heart of the Matter
What Does God Say?
Character Matters
Making the Commitment
Money Management 101
Basics of Budgeting
Checking Accounts
Positive Credit
Saving for the Future
Apartment Renting 101
Roommates – Conflict Resolution
Furnishing and Decorating Your Home
Housecleaning 101
Time Management for the Parent
Shopping for a Car
Insurance Needs
Using a Recipe
Surviving at the Checkout
Menu Planning
Gearing Up for the Job Search
Where Opportunity Knocks
How to Apply for a Job
The Interview
Working Smartly

Parenting Pack

Straight Thinking
The 1-2-3
Real World Applications- When There is an Audience- Variations and Getting Started
Testing and Manipulation
Counting in Action and Conclusion
Introduction and Review – Seven Tactics for Encouraging Good Behavior
Seven Tactics for Encouraging Good behavior
Specific Applications
The Family Meeting and Ten Strategies for Building Self-Esteem
Building Self-Esteem and the Payoff
Affirming, Attentive, and Connected
Discipline and Consequences
Styles and Roles
Worrier or Visionary?
Leaving a Godly Legacy
Have a New Kid by Friday: Monday
Have a New Kid by Friday: Tuesday
Have a New Kid by Friday: Wednesday
Have a New Kid by Friday: Thursday
Have a New Kid by Friday: Friday
Discovering What Type of Parent You Are
Discovering Your Child\’s personality Type
Overcoming the Major Destroyer of Families
Providing Loving Support to Your Child
Contracts: Setting Limits
Developing a Close-Knit Family
Ten Ways to Motivate Your Child
Using the \”Salt\” Principle
The Seeds of Self-Esteem
How to Make Your Child Feel Special
Why Your Child Needs Discipline
Irresponsibility Vs. Defiance
Anger Vs Action
Finding Balance in Discipline
To Spank or Not to Spank
Compliant Vs Defiant
Changing Discipline with Time
Changing Discipline with Time Part 2
Protecting the Spirit
The Ultimate Priority
Parenting With an Eye to the Future
Eight Key Aspects of Character
Boundaries for Kids and Their Parents
Overcoming Obstacles to Boundaries
What Will Happen If I Do This?
Pulling My Own Wagon
I can\’t Do It All, I\’m Not Helpless Either
I\’m Not the Only One Who Matters
Life Beyond \”Because I\’m the Mommy\”
Pain Can Be a Gift
Tantrums Needn\’t Be Forever
Be Happier, Be Thankful
Jump- Starting My Engine
Honesty is the Best Policy
Roll Up Your Sleeves

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