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What Are the Options for Men?

Examine Your Choices

Through the whole process of coming to grips with an unplanned pregnancy, First Option Care will commit to helping you and your partner weigh the options as you decide what is best for you. Should you decide to parent or to place your child for adoption, we will help you as you move forward with your pregnancy plan. If you have chosen abortion and are experiencing symptoms of guilt, shame, and regret, First Option Care is here to help.


Taking responsibility for your actions and providing support for your child is a noble and commendable action. This choice takes into consideration what is in the best interest of the child, even when the decision whether or not to marry your girlfriend has not yet been made. Financial assistance resources and information are made available to you at First Option Care.


Adoption is a loving, unselfish choice. Depending on the circumstances involved, this difficult decision may be the best one for your baby. Your partner may decide that this option is the one she wants for the baby and maybe you feel like your baby is being abandoned. Think again! Adoption is the opportunity for your child to have the future you may not be able to provide.
There are many families waiting to adopt, love and raise a baby.  Adoption agencies and attorneys thoroughly screen these families seeking to adopt. Some open adoption opportunities even allow you to communicate with your child and exchange pictures.


This option seems to hide the fact that your girlfriend got pregnant, but carries possible traumatic consequences for everyone involved. Along with the possibility of physical risks for your partner, evidence-based research has shown that both men and women may suffer “Post Abortion Stress” following an abortion procedure. PAS has a number of symptoms that originate in feelings of guilt, shame, and regret for the choice that was made.

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